AVABF Board of Directors

Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival - Board of Directors. 

The Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival relies on a lot of moving parts in order to remain successful. From our vendors,our sponsors  and all of the participants we absolutely could not run this festival without the community surrounding it. Behind all the moving parts that make up the festival is a dedicated volunteer board of directors. The driving force behind the longstanding tradition, a board of directors has stood through inception of the festival to where we stand now,  nearly 100 years of tradition. 

All board members are expected to attend board meetings, follow the board of directors blueprint, maintain a budget, communicate with their fellow directors, meet deadlines,  familiarize themselves with the organizations by-laws; including policy and procedure and commit to be readily available during festival week. The board of directors works in tandem step of one another and a group of fabulous volunteers. Organizational skills, communication skills and a passion for community are paramount for each board member. . All our board members are actively involved in the community in many ways and employed full time outside of their commitment to their role as part of the AVABF. The Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival only one temporary, part-time paid position, which is an office manager who supports members in all aspects of the festival as directed. 

Currently the board of directors consists of Logan Morse-President, Juli MacHattie-Sponsorship Coordinator/Social Media & Marketing/Children's Carnival, Burnell Lyons-Grand Street Parade, Erica Gillis-Events, Vanessa Thurston-Children's Parade, and Yuning Pan-Children's Parade Assistant. There are still positions on the board that have not filled these include Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Community Liaison Director, Leadership Spotlight Director, Volunteer Director, and Tourism Director. If you're interested in getting involved please reach out for further info!